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Documentary – Zeitgeist

A couple of moths ago I watched a film (documentary) called “Zeitgeist“. Few weeks later, a watched the second one, called “Zeitgeist Addendum”. This post, however, is just about the first one.


Zeitgeist resembles a Michael Moore’s film, except for the fact it doesn’t have humor. It has a tense atmosphere throughout the entire movie. The film is divided into 3 parts. The first one talks about religion; the second one talks, primarily, about 9/11 and the last one talks about money, debts and profits made by wars. I’m gonna do this review passing through all the parts separately.



Religion is, perhaps, the most controversial part of the film. Some people can be really offended seeing how religion is showed on the movie, especially if they go to the church every week or something like that. That’s one of the reasons I don’t show this movie to everybody. But, even those people, should at least try watch the film and come to their own conclusions.

I respect every kind of religion and I don’t think they are there simply as a way of persuade people. If religion exists since so old times, it should have something true on those stories. But I do agree, however, that most of the things in religion nowadays are made in order to take money from people, or make them fight to each other, so some people can take advantage and profit from that.

The film shows how similar the different religions are, in a way I’ve never seen before. It shows that pretty much everything in religion is related to astronomy, while the human and animals figures were put there just to “illustrate” those concepts. In the end, the movies says  there is a high degree of probability that Jesus Christ has never existed.



The greatest part of the film in my opinion. It shows the entire 9/11 operation in a way you won’t find it on classical media. It cover a lot of things about 9/11, since the terrorists, 7th World Trade Center building, profits involved with the collapse of them… and a lot more. This part tries specially to convince the audience that the planes weren’t the reasons that turns out on the twin towers fall. There were a lot of other evidences, like the explosion before the first plane’s impact, the way the columns were cut…

That doesn’t mean those facts are true (although I believe most of them really are), but, again, at least brings you a lot of facts that wasn’t showed by the media. Watch and come with your own conclusions.



The last part of the movie tries to show how the current monetary system really works. It shows you how debt is a bad cycle that cannot be fix. It also shows scare things like how the Lusitania’s ship sink in 1915 was created by the U.S. government in order to have an excuse to enter in the World War I, and, as a result, make huge profits from that war. That technique was repeated at Pear Harbor, in the World War II.

Whether you liked this review or not, all I have to tell you is: You must watch this film. If you´re the patriotic type, you´ll have to let it go for two hours to be able to see this movie.

One last thing: the movie is available for download on the official website, totally for free.

PS: If you detected some mistake in any part of my post or in my English, please, send me an email or a comment correcting me! I’m Brazilian, so I’m not an English native speaker. I would love to be corrected! Thank you in advance! :)

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