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TrueCrypt: Free Open-Source on-the-fly encryption

There are dozens of encryptions softwares out there, but they always have some restrictions. Some of them are payed, do not work on different Operating Systems… among other things. TrueCrypt is the encryption software that puts together the greatest set of features in one single encryption program I have ever found. It has everything you would wish in an encryption software. Below you can see some good and bad points about the program.

Good points

  • Works on the main Operating Systems (Windows XP/Vista/7, Linux and Mac OS X)
  • 100% free.
  • Can encrypt the entire file system of a USB flash drive or a hard drive.
  • Can create a virtual encrypted disk from a single file. By doing this, TrueCrypt allows you to encrypt just the files you want to, letting the other ones without any encryption.
  • Very easy to use. All the encryption and decryption stuff is totally transparent to the user. You use the encrypted file/file system exactly the same way as you use a non-encrypted file/file system.
  • Can generate 2 passwords. One of them will retrieve your real files and the other one will retrieve the fake ones. So, in case of a person forces you to reveal your password, you can just reveal the second password, letting your important data inaccessible!
  • The documentation and user guide are really useful and well written.
  • Support to multiple languages.
  • Open-Source

Bad points

  • Do not work without installing. So, you won’t be able to decrypt your pendrive’s data in a computer that doesn’t have TrueCrypt properly installed.
  • The process of mounting and dismounting can be a little tedious after a while, but it is necessary in order to maintain the security.

As you can see, the good points lets the bad points far away.

Below you can see a window of the program.

For more information (and to download TrueCrypt), visit the official website:

If you have some other encryption software suggestion, please, put it on the comments. I would be happy in getting to know other softwares as well.

PS: If you detected any mistake in my English, please, send me a comment or an email telling me. I’m Brazilian, therefore I’m not an English native speaker. I would really appreciate being corrected. Thank you in advance!

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