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Lost – The Series Finale

Last week I watched the last episode of Lost. Unfortunately, in my opinion, it was a total disappointment.

The producers simply threw ALL the previous seasons into the garbage. If you watch the first episode of Lost (yes, the one from the first season) and then jump right into the last season, you will be able to understand pretty much everything created in this banal 6th season. I was amazed how the producers were able to turn such an awesome series into a peace of trash. 😦

Anyway, I will always remember the fantastic moments of the 3 first seasons. They were simply amazing. The mind games of Ben and Sawyer, the rivalry between Jack (man of science) and Locke (man of faith), the button, the Dharma Initiative and its orientation films, all the memorable flashbacks…

I can say that what happened to Lost was the same thing that happened to the Matrix trilogy. The first movie was simply magnificent (for me, the best sci-fi movie ever created). The continuations, however, got completely lost. Nevertheless, that doesn’t take away the brightness of the first movie. The exact same thing happened to Lost. The first 3 seasons were amazing, but the continuations were pathetic.

If you didn’t watch any Lost episode, I still recommend you to watch the first 3 seasons. There are some human lessons you will carry throughout your entire life. What about the last 3 seasons? Just delete them from your mind and pretend they never existed. That simple. The ending of the third season was, by far, the best ending of the whole series. You just have to imagine what happens next. Trust me, whatever you come up with, it will be thousands of times better than the producer’s ending.

After six years watching Lost, if you, like me, is upset with its finale, don’t worry. Just watch these 3 really funny videos about it. I’m sorry you’ll forget the dreadful ending after that!

  • “Some” of the mysteries that weren’t explained (with spoilers):


  • A much better Series Finale (with spoilers):

😛 😛

  • And last, but not least, the Hitler’s opinion about the ending of Lost (with spoilers):

😛 😛 😛

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